Electrical Installations Design

Electrical Installations Design Load Current Calculation , Circuit Breaker Sizing , Cable sizing , Transformer Sizing and Protection , Circuits Design To support our website – Kindly rate and share the courses  What you’ll learn at Electrical Installations Design Design …

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Electrical Installations Design

Load Current Calculation , Circuit Breaker Sizing , Cable sizing , Transformer Sizing and Protection , Circuits Design

To support our website – Kindly rate and share the courses 

What you’ll learn at Electrical Installations Design

  • Design Electrical Power Systems
  • Electrical Installation
  • Building Wiring Installation
  • Get Electrical Installation Certificate
  • Electrical Installation and Maintenance
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Design Electrical Panel
  • Building Electrical Installation Design
  • Building Electrical Installation
  • How To Deal With Electrical Contractors
  • Design Industry Motors Circuits
  • Sizing Electrical Power Transformers
  • Sizing Miniature Circuit Breaker
  • Sizing Molded Case Circuit Breaker
  • Sizing High Voltage Circuit Breaker
  • Design Motor Protection Circuit Breaker
  • Sizing Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker
  • Sizing Low Voltage Cables
  • Sizing Medium Voltage Cables
  • Wire Size
  • Sizing Fuse
  • Design Branch and Main Electrical Three Phase and Single Phase Circuits


Electrical Installations Design, Description

You Will Learn in This Course Electrical Installation Design :-

– Different Types of Electrical Installed Powers

– Design Different Types of Electrical Loads Single Phase Circuits and Three Phase Circuits
– Apply Diversity Factor on Branch and Main Electrical Circuits
– Classify Different Types of Electrical Transformers and How To Select The Suitable Transformer Rating
– We Will Explain Different Types of Circuit Breakers
– Sizing Miniature Circuit Breaker and Molded Case Circuit breaker for Single Phase circuits and Three Phase Circuits
– Sizing Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker
– Low voltage Circuit Breakers , Medium voltage Circuit breakers and High Voltage Circuit Breakers
– sizing Fuse
– Sizing Cable  , Wire Sizing
– Low voltage cables , medium Voltage cables and High Voltage Cables

– Complete Design For Branch and Main circuits our Goal

– To Reduce The Gap Between Academic Studies and Practical Life and How To Apply The Academic Studies In Your Work

– Give You a lot of Different Design Examples to Give You flexibility of Mind Without Following Specific Rules

– Deep Understanding Of Electrical Power System Equipment and to Design and Install Them

– Deep Understanding Of  Electrical Wiring How to Read Single Line Diagram  of Electrical Designs

– Give You Powerful Resources to Study Well

– Gain Practical Experience


After This Course You Will Have Deep Understanding of Electrical Drawing Design and How To Design Electrical Power Systems Networks Electrical Design and Single Line Diagrams For Residential , Commercial and Industrial Projects and Apply This Experience in Your Workplace

This course is a summary of a set of scientific research , many references and work experience.

Electrical Installations Design , Who this course is for:

  • Electrical Power Engineers
  • Electricians
  • Under Graduate Electrical Engineering Students
  • Post Graduate Electrical Engineering Students
  • Electrical Designer Engineers
  • Electrical Maintenance Engineers
  • Power Systems Engineers
  • Electrical Operators
  • Electrical Site Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Control Engineers
  • Consultants
  • Developers
  • Building Energy Managers
  • Building Services Engineers
  • Facility Maintenance Managers
  • Project Engineers

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Course Curriculum

Total learning: 41 lessons Time: 10 weeks

    Section 41

    • Lecture.1
      course files download
    • Lecture.2
      Elc-Insta-Des-002. Basics of Electrical Systems
    • Lecture.3
      Elc-Insta-Des-003. Residential Electric Power
    • Lecture.4
      Elc-Insta-Des-004. Basics of Electricity – Q & A
    • Lecture.5
      Elc-Insta-Des-005. Motor Loads
    • Lecture.6
      Elc-Insta-Des-006. Current Flow In Cable – Q & A
    • Lecture.7
      Elc-Insta-Des-007. Neutral Conductor – Q & A
    • Lecture.8
      Elc-Insta-Des-008. Resistive Loads
    • Lecture.9
      Elc-Insta-Des-009. Types of Installed Powers
    • Lecture.10
      Elc-Insta-Des-010. Converting From HP To VA and Safety Factor – Q & A
    • Lecture.11
      Elc-Insta-Des-012. Utilization and Diversity Factors for Building
    • Lecture.12
      Elc-Insta-Des-013. Utilization and Diversity Factors for Branch and Main Circuits
    • Lecture.13
      Elc-Insta-Des-014. Utilization and Diversity Factors according to NEC – Q & A
    • Lecture.14
      Elc-Insta-Des-015. Demand Factor Calculations – NEC 2020
    • Lecture.15
      Elc-Insta-Des-017. Transformer Nameplate – NEMA Standards
    • Lecture.16
      Elc-Insta-Des-018. Power Transformer Rating
    • Lecture.17
      Elc-Insta-Des-0019. Transformer Sizing According to Its Type
    • Lecture.18
      Elc-Insta-Des-020. How Many Transformers Needed to Supply Loads
    • Lecture.19
      Elc-Insta-Des-022. Circuit Breaker Sizing for Single Phase Loads
    • Lecture.20
      Elc-Insta-Des-023. Circuit Breaker Sizing – NEC 2020
    • Lecture.21
      Elc-Insta-Des-024. Current Calculation Simplified Equation – Q & A
    • Lecture.22
      Elc-Insta-Des-025. Circuit Breaker Sizing for Three Phase Loads
    • Lecture.23
      Elc-Insta-Des-026. Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker Selection
    • Lecture.24
      Elc-Insta-Des-027. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Installation – NEC 2020
    • Lecture.25
      Elc-Insta-Des-028. Locating Different Types of Circuit Breakers
    • Lecture.26
      Elc-Insta-Des-029. Medium Voltage Circuit Breaker and Short Circuit Levels
    • Lecture.27
      Elc-Insta-Des-030. MCCB Settings – Q & A
    • Lecture.28
      Elc-Insta-Des-031. Fuse Sizing
    • Lecture.29
      Elc-Insta-Des-033. Fuse Sizing and Inverse Time Breaker Sizing – NEC 2020
    • Lecture.30
      Elc-Insta-Des-034. Transformer Protection CB & Fuse- NEC 2020
    • Lecture.31
      Elc-Insta-Des-035. Cable Description
    • Lecture.32
      Elc-Insta-Des-036. Cable Sizing Part 1
    • Lecture.33
      Elc-Insta-Des-037. Cable Sizing Part 2
    • Lecture.34
      Elc-Insta-Des-038. Cable Sizing – NEC 2020
    • Lecture.35
      Elc-Insta-Des-040. Cable Sizing for Transformer and High Load Currents
    • Lecture.36
      Elc-Insta-Des-041. Branch and Main Circuits Design for Three Phase Loads
    • Lecture.37
      Elc-Insta-Des-042. Feeder Sizing – NEC 2020
    • Lecture.38
      Elc-Insta-Des-043. Motor Minimum Conductor Size and Overload Protection Sizing – NEC 2020
    • Lecture.39
      Elc-Insta-Des-044. Receptacles Types and Maximum Loading on Branch Circuit- NEC 2020
    • Lecture.40
      Elc-Insta-Des-046. Fault Current at Distribution Board according to IEEE – Bonus Lecture
    • Lecture.41
      Elc-Insta-Des-047. Short Circuit Current and Maximum Power of CB – Q & A



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